As more distance moves me away from the moment that Mona left this existence and moved her to the next…I’ve increasingly been having the haze and clouds of her battle lift and the details of her fight come back to me.

It’s genuine trauma that I suppressed. Emotions, and memories, and damage that I endured because quite simply, there was no other option but to do so. Never even a moment of doubt or fear in those moments to face what I was up against. Just reaction and action.

That’s what you do for those you love unconditionally.

What’s revealed even more to me is that a good friend of mine and his wife have been traveling a very similar road. 

The battle has been incredibly similar. Similar spirits. Similar fight. Similar grace. Similar love. Similar endurance. Similar smashing of the odds…

I’ve offered what little experience and knowledge I’ve gleaned from my journey to them. For it’s a journey that you just don’t hear so much about at our age. 

Every story and journey is different of course, but there are certain things and moments that I believe are just part of every one of these stories.

Some come faster or slower, but the moments and events are there.

One such moment is when you have been fighting so long, and your field general tells you…

“The battle is over. There’s no more we can do.”

And the word 


is said. And your world of medicines and treatments and plans comes shrinking in but your will to fight still remains. 

This is not “losing” the fight. This isn’t “surrendering”.

This is victory

It’s hard to see it at the time. Incredibly hard to see. Impossible is actually closer of a description. Because you’ve been trained as a team to be optimistic and have hope.

But every single second you gained during that battle was worth it. Every moment you created after the battle started was worth the effort. There’s no loss if you choose to fight.

The battle was won by choosing to fight with grace and love.

And with women like Mona. There was never a desire to stop. She stopped when she was told she had to. She stopped when the generals said.. 

“It’s time to rest.”

When they said….hospice.

Even then…there was fire in her. Things to do. Things to say. Moments to be had.

Another moment on this path is when this magnificent warrior, this powerful and shimmering Valkyrie passes on to the next existence with sword raised leaving behind a broken body but lifted by a gloriously unbroken spirit into the heavens.

The world feels lesser when they leave us.

Their fight had become our fight.

Their courage inspired us to be better.

It feels as if that spirit is leaving forever when you stare at the broken body of your love.  

When they take it from the room. 

That spirit does indeed disappear for a time. The numbness of grief enveloping you in a relentlessly thick fog…pushing the world in around you so close it’s suffocating.

It feels that way for a seemingly endless time. For time crawls when you experience the loss of love.

But as you move forward on the path…away from the fog of sorrow….away from the seas of emotion that churn and toss you every which way…you begin to feel the presence of that unbroken spirit again.

Little by little…moment by moment. It shines through the fog. 

You still have the fog around you. It never leaves fully. You still have rocky seas surround you…but you have that spirit within you…an anchor offering stability as the waves crash against you.

You take strength from that Valkyrie that went before you.

And you can can honestly feel that one day you too will have them by your side again.

They will be with you to guide you.

They will tell you…

“It’s time to rest. Let’s go home.”

Your fight and battle will earn you the passage.


Another Valkyrie joined Mona today in the realm after.

Rest In Peace Teresa Moura.

Your fight inspires us all.

The love of your family and friends for you make this world a better place.

We will see you again.

We honor you by continuing on the path.

Please say hello to Mona for me.

I know you both have a lot to talk about.

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